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lajbel's News

Posted by lajbel - April 23rd, 2024

Hi Newgrounds, it was a long time!

I have brought most of my 2021 games back to Newgrounds.

Mainly I'm taking the idea of re-supporting them to make them more decent to play. And maybe (maybe) make new games. I was studying, doing new things and mainly web development. But I like making games, and I like making games for Newgrounds, also I improved my English level now.

Well, we are here now, at this point, will make more blog posts about next updates on my old games. Also will try to pair it with Itch.io or maybe I will create a website for changelogs of my games



Posted by lajbel - December 30th, 2022

Hey guys, how are you? It's night here (Argentina) and want talk some with anyone who's reading this blog. Tomorrow is new year.

What are your goals for this year? Mine are improve my life (so hard) and be more productive. Anyway I was starting with this from the past year but yes, it's constantly, I'm not the best living, to say truth.

I wanna draw more, and make games. For me, because I think no one is playing my game and no one is reading my blogs or seeing my art, but I do it for me, or at least I wanna do it for me. I think that's a good thing, have good feels... I wanna make more blogs, more personal, about more complex things. Feel free of let me know your goals for this year, thoughts, any thing really, will be glad of read your comments :).

Merry xmas and happy new year for all my Newgrounds homies!


Posted by lajbel - November 27th, 2022


Hi! Here an attempt of game developer. So, this week isn't a epic blog about game development, I have two ideas, let me say you what are these ones:

  • About monetization
  • About how WARIO WARE DIY can help you learning to make videogames

Yes, the second one it's the most fun, and I will try to do it the next week, but I should investigate, make captures of the game and this kind of things. Anyway, I'm very lazy.

I was playing Celeste, and it was simply epic. One of the best games I've played in some years. Like from 2 years I'd left all gaming related things, in general, but these times I'm playing more videogames, like Sonic Mania, VVVVVV and other games, platformers, in general (and I'm not making a platformer, I promise).


Now about game development, I'm not working so much this week, to say the truth, I've worked some on my visual novel engine, KaNovel. But about my two in dev games, ranib (to redact) and The Juicy edit, the cute dress up, nothing. I want release the mobile version of the last one but I'm some stocked with being creative with dresses (all recommendation accepted in comments).

That's all this week, not very interesting but for make it a habit, publishing this blog. The next week will try to make a more interesting blog for people interested in game dev or related, thank you.



Posted by lajbel - October 25th, 2022

Hey, hi to everyone, here it's an attemp of game developer

These months I was working in me, in my works, games, and other stuff. And maybe (but probbably not) you have seen that. Basically, was working more in the design, learning and logic of make a game. I'm applying these things in my next release... The Juicy edit for mobile.

Wait, you don't know The Juicy edit? The Juicy edit it's a cute dress-up game, with my cute art, for desktop devices and web. You can play on Newgrounds or download on Itch.io

Before we talk a bit about the improvements of the next version of The Juicy edit, let's talk about, why a mobile version? To answer that question, we must first look at a little ✨ s t a t i s t i c s ✨



3.06 stars in 75 votes



4.8 stars in 19 votes

527 browser plays and 73 downloads

Well, apparently newgrounds is not such a good place to post a dress up, I thought it was

I really think it's because of how Newgrounds handles votes, most people vote during the judging period, and people go to vote just to accumulate score, and don't stop to think if that's a game they would play

On the other hand, in Itch.io people who have played the game have been interested in the genre and the game, and they have had a good impression

Thanks to how it worked in Itch.io, I am making this new and more polished version. By the way, in itch.io it has left a monetary benefit of 7 (seven) dollars. A big thanks to @HoshiAntho for buy the game two times.

From the way I think the Play Store works, I estimate that it will be played at least similar to Itch.io (and if all goes well, perhaps even better.

it will also have several significant changes (as far as the game is concerned), the first to jump out at you are the graphics

First version:


Mobile version:


Clearly the first version looks like it was made by me, and the second by someone who knows how to draw. I don't know how to draw, but I can manage.

One of the things that takes me the most time is working on dresses and styles. Yes, looks easy, but isn't so much easy as you think, only check this problem:


Totally ugly, blah. How I can do it better?


Still not the best suit, making the stars smaller and the moon lighter doesn't automatically fix it, but it does make my eyes not want to puke. Problems like this are regular, especially because the idea is that all the costumes are original and not to put a Link or Homer Simpson costume (as many other dress ups do).

Only check this pretty t-shirt


Yes. it's pretty, I don't event know what kind of cactus it's, but I love anyway. And you can appreciate it sharing this with your friends. "The happy cactus"

I'd like to share more details about the development soon. But for now, bay bay, I will stay working on more styles, the idea it's have more than one hundred, hard but possible.



Posted by lajbel - August 17th, 2022

hello everyone! This is Danie. How are you?

I have put in private all my games except the juicy edit, because I have realized that the api keys were easily hackable, so for now I won't publish them again until further notice (all the removed games can be played in my itch.io page). In case you haven't played it, I invite you to try The Juicy Edit.


Posted by lajbel - July 24th, 2022

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope very very very well. I was going to do this blog on my birthday, but I missed the date by quite a bit, it was July 12

First I wanted to thank all the people who follow me, play my games and are interested in what I do. I find it amazing that people are interested in what I do and I still can't believe it. I remember all of you and all your names (or most of them, the ones I see the most in notifications.), so just know that you make this day happier for me. I love you all

In other news, I'm still making the visual novel about gay guys, but I don't know how soon it will see the light (I can imagine how the few people who are interested in the games I make must be), but I hope to publish on talk more about it soon

I am trying to improve my English, just as my friend Norman tells me, with understandable input (i'm noob)

Now, speaking more about my birthday, I don't think I deserve any gift, but this date reminds me especially of me. And who am I without my friends and loved people? So I would like to thank to all of you, this is going to be long...

The first person I would like to greet is Nico, a great person who has accompanied me in most of my projects as a great emotional support, I love you 💖!

I would also like to thank @TheNorman, a great friend who has also helped me in many projects and is a very funny, good person and greaaaat friend.

I thank to @Tohei, another friend, I love her so so much and I have a great time with her. She has also helped me in a number of projects!

A big thank you to @amyspark-ng, a person I have become friends with who is a great person, makes great games and is very supportive of my emotional stability.

A super salute to @HoshiAntho, a great inspiration for me in life and a great person and friend

Thanks to @mei-dragon, a great person who is currently helping me with my projects, I love you so much.

Also, a big thanks to tga (@slmjkdbtl), a person who has helped me a lot to grow as a programmer and with a job in replit! I love KaboomJS

A giant thank you to @Magic-Fox and @Belthagor for collaborating/helping me :)

Big hugs to @Colizza, although I don't know him I always see his reactions in my blogs, so I feel a little bit read haha

Thanks to Tom Fulp, PsychogoldFIsh and all of Newgrounds for existing.

A thank you to @SlickRamen, @Stepford@SodaMindReader, @ne-ne-23, Pamela, Bill, simmpu, hideko, my mom, my brother, my other brother, namron and insanyn.

I love all my internet/non-internet friends. The best birthday present is everything you did for me and happiness you bring to my life. Again, thank you.

(evidently, my most important friends are at newgrounds, so you'll see why it's a great place.)


Posted by lajbel - July 3rd, 2022

Hey guys, how are you? Yo estoy so good, today I want to talk about random things

I'm working a lot on Kaboom, yes, the library for making games (I use it in all my games), I work on the community part, so boring stuff for you, but if you want to know, that's it.

In other more interesant things im doing a novel called "Boys, Juices, Love and other illusions", but idk when I going to release it, maybe in one month, cur in wip! It's a very very gay novel and the artist is @mei-dragon, I hope to finish it... Some screenshots




In other news, @ne-ne-23 made a beautiful pfp for me, as a commision, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

may besty frend @amyspark-ng made a so cool game for Kajam (btw, I was a Kajam's mentor). Play her game it's so cool about beans beans beans beans PLAY HERE

I do a Visual Novel engine or a kind of for template jam on replit, you can check it on my itchhh


bye bye my babies, I love all you all, thx for follow me, I will do a more big blog in 12 july 'cause it's mai birday


Posted by lajbel - June 11th, 2022

Hey guys, hi!! How are you? I'm fine, making games, visuals novels, maybe engines... But today it's Pico Day, Happy Pico Day to all Newgrounds people!

Among the trash that is the Games section of my profile, is Purple Egg 100, a game I released for July Jam, last year, which I have been updating on the occasion of festivities such as Madness Day 2021, and today is the day of Pico, which was about time to appear in the game


Play it now!

A funny thing is that in order to test the medals I must explicitly play the game without fatigue until I get the purple egg of the medal I need. At 10 or 11 games I got Pico's egg, and a couple of others, I have the 100%!!!

That's all for this new one, maybe, and only maybe, in the next one I will talk about some epic visual novel...



Posted by lajbel - June 2nd, 2022

The best game ever, the most talked about, the most anticipated, Juicy Love, a.k.a Love Juices...

It's a game that, in a way, makes me embarrassed. It's a game that I've been stuck on, even though I've had the idea for a couple of years (2). Idk if it's because I'm inept at teamwork, but I can't find any stable artist for this game. The 2 or 3 people waiting for this crappy game will have to keep waiting.

btw, how are you?


Posted by lajbel - May 31st, 2022

Hi guys, happy pride month to everyone in Newgrounds 🌈

As some of you may know, I am gay, and it means a lot to me and others, and to continue to fight for the rights of people in countries where something as simple as liking people of your gender isn't legal

This is no news, this time, but soon I will bring more interesting things to these blogs